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Our Story

ourstory_smWe are a mother and a daughter with that sacred gift of friendship. We are inspired together by turquoise baubles and tumbleweed-catching excursions, along red clay-rutted roadways. We travel the Southwest together and inevitably find a jewel that feels like it was always on our wrist or a hand woven French shawl that highlights our sun-bronzing cheeks. While our worn out feet dangle from saloon stools at the end of a tromping day, another glass of sangria is poured, and we become certain that the cowboys tip, to head to the Rez come early morning, will find us a sought after treasure. May our travel inspirations be reflected onto you as you walk through the doorway of Daff Dry Goods! May it be the suede cowboy hat that you can’t resist, but to wear out the door, or those boots that glide on with confidence, to dance you into the night? May a piece of our collected inspiration enliven you, to design your style, and create your story? The inspirations that we have found in western landscapes, ski, and ocean getaways have been intertwined with laughter and strong friendships. We continue to create a place here at home and at work where great laughter and long friendships evolve with our employees, with our customers, and those we do business with.

Our Hope

We all have a story to tell. Within our stories we are able to choose inspiration, objects, clothing, and people who surround us. We may begin our story with the family we have been given and continue along the path gathering friendships and people who aid us in our life story. We may have memories that stand out or special occasions that highlight turning points. We may have beloved objects that we have collected that surround us. We may have a favorite red wool scarf that ties back chapter one or a cherished silver ring that was lost midway through our tale. We all have a story to tell!

We would like to be part of your story. The way we dress and how we feel in the clothes we choose to wear allow us to convey our personal spirit and collected style. Our dress is an extension of who we feel we are and sometimes, who we would like to be on a particular occasion. We offer you clothing inspirations and illustrations that fuse classic, comfort, confident, distinct, charismatic style.